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The following are the Terms and Conditions of the Long Beach Water Department’s climate-appropriate Lawn-to-Garden Program and the water-wise Smart Irrigation Program.  Please read them carefully.


“LBWD” refers to the Long Beach Water Department.

“L2G” refers to the Lawn-to-Garden program.

“SIP” refers to LBWD’s environmentally friendly and water-wise Smart Irrigation Program.

“L2G & SIP” may only refer to the L2G program if an application does not include a request for SIP funding, but L2G & SIP may refer to the combination of a L2G and SIP incentive if the latter is included in the L2G application.

A SIP application cannot be filed separately from a L2G application; that is, LBWD only makes SIP incentive payments when the qualifying SIP system is installed as part of the qualifying L2G project.

Only one L2G & SIP application may be approved per “Premise ID”, or water service address.

Only one application is allowed per single-family home; but that one application may cover both incentive programs.

A customer that has already submitted a L2G application cannot at a later date submit a second application for SIP funding at the same service address.

Property Owner may only apply for one outdoor incentive program per water service address. Participation in the L2G & SIP program excludes Property Owner from participation in the Synthetic Turf program.  Participation in the Synthetic Turf program excludes Property Owner from participation in the L2G & SIP program.

“Property Owner” is the owner of the property (the lawn) that is the subject of the L2G & SIP application, or when the property is owned by a corporation, “Property Owner” shall be the individual legally acting on behalf of the owner of the property.  LBWD reserves the right to verify property ownership.

“Re-landscaped Area” refers to that part of the landscape, in square feet, which qualifies for and for which LBWD will pay the L2G incentive.

The Re-landscaped Area:

must be on a property whose water service is provided by LBWD.

  • will only include qualifying areas that are covered by living turf grass at the time the landscape design is approved by LBWD. (Do not kill your lawn until your landscape design has been approved by LBWD); Pre-existing projects are not eligible
  • may only include front yard and parkway areas; other landscaped areas such as side yards, backyards, and island medians are not eligible.  The front yard must be visible from the street.
  • must be re-landscaped according to the design that is approved by LBWD, which approval will be based on the “Design Requirements” document.
  • The total square feet of the Re-landscaped Area shall be calculated as the lesser of the following:
  • The square feet of the qualifying L2G project that is actually installed, as determined by LBWD in its sole discretion; or
  • The maximum of 1,500 square feet (the actual amount of turf removed may exceed this amount, but only the first 1,500 square feet are eligible for the L2G incentive.)

Property Owner

If a L2G & SIP incentive payment is eventually made by LBWD, it can only be made payable to Property Owner.

Property Owner must sign and submit the L2G & SIP application.

Property Owner has sole responsibility for any and all tax consequences resulting from Property Owner receiving any L2G & SIP payment, and will be issued a 1099-M at the end of the year in which the incentive was issued. This is a taxable incentive program, not a rebate.

Property Owner has sole responsibility for complying with all applicable laws, permits, ordinances, codes, policies, covenants, and conditions that may apply to performance of the lawn removal/landscape conversion project. For City of Long Beach building and permit information call (562) 570-6651. Those properties in historic districts may require special permits from the City and these permits are the sole responsibility of the Property Owner.

Property Owner has sole responsibility for the quality, appearance, and maintenance of the L2G & SIP landscape.

Property Owner shall make the property available to LBWD and/or its agents, in order (1) for LBWD to verify compliance with the L2G & SIP, including but not limited to: the condition of the landscape prior to and after the L2G & SIP installation, the size (in square-feet) of the L2G landscape area; and (2)  for LBWD to exercise its rights under the L2G & SIP to use the design of the L2G & SIP landscape as well as descriptions of it, and before- and after-photos and videos of it, for the purpose of promoting drought tolerant landscapes and efficient irrigation systems.

Any application containing inaccurate or misleading information will be disqualified from the L2G & SIP and any and all commitments made by LBWD related to that application, including commitments to make L2G & SIP incentive payments, shall be automatically rescinded and rendered null and void.

Property Owner, if submitting the L2G & SIP application on-line, may be required by LBWD as a condition of receiving the incentive payment to sign a paper copy of the Application within two (2) weeks of being notified of having been approved, provided LBWD makes that paper application available to them.

Property Owner agrees to waive, release, relinquish and discharge LBWD, its officials and employees from all liability, loss, claims, demands, causes of action, and damage arising out of Property Owner’s participation in this Program.

Property owner shall maintain the L2G & SIP landscape and equipment in excellent condition for at least five years. If, in its sole discretion, LBWD finds the Re-landscaped area and SIP equipment have not been properly maintained or have been altered significantly from the approved condition when the incentive payment was approved (for example: if turf grass is reintroduced), Property Owner, if he/she has not sold the property by that time, shall reimburse LBWD for the L2G & SIP payment as follows:

100% reimbursement if finding made in first 365-day period after payment; 80% reimbursement if finding made within 2nd 365 day period after payment; 60% if finding made within 3rd 365-day period after payment;   40% if finding made within 4th 365-day period after payment; and 20% if finding made within 5th 365-day period after payment.

Applications will be approved for funding in the order in which landscape designs are approved.

In order for an application to be approved and for incentive payment to be made, the Property Owner must remain current on its City of Long Beach utility bill from the time of the application through the L2G & SIP payment and cannot be in violation of any LBWD water-use prohibitions during that period.

The L2G & SIP and the Terms and Conditions set forth herein, the Process Guidelines and the Design Requirementsare subject to change without notice.

L2G & SIP Payment Amount

For L2G & SIP applications, Property Owner will receive:

Two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50) per square foot of Re-landscaped Area.

Fifty cents ($0.50) per linear foot of irrigation installed in accordance with the SIP requirements

L2G Smart Irrigation Program

Customers applying for the L2G Smart Irrigation Program must do so at the same time as they apply to the L2G program (that is, it should be part of the same application).

You must indicate on your L2G application that you would like to apply to the drip program and provide an estimate of the square feet of area that will be irrigated by the drip system.

Once a L2G design is received by LBWD, participants will no longer be eligible to apply for the SIP program

In order for a landscaped area to be included in the L2G Smart Irrigation Program, it must be irrigated with an in-ground sprinkler system at the time the L2G design is approved by LBWD; and, therefore, the drip irrigation system must be installed after the L2G design has been approved by LBWD.

In order for the drip irrigation system to qualify for L2G SIP Irrigation Program incentive:

The drip irrigation components must be chosen from the approved product list. The homeowner must also provide itemized receipts for all drip irrigation components used in the project during notification of completion of drip irrigation system being installed.

The drip line must have a working filter and a working pressure reducer, both of which must be made specifically for drip irrigation systems, installed up-stream of the drip line.

The filter helps keep the small emitters in the drip line from clogging. The pressure reducer reduces the water pressure in the house mainline by fifty percent or more, reducing the pressure to that recommended by the manufacturers of the drip line, which is typically between 15 pounds per square inch (or PSI), to 30 PSI.

Typically, there will be one pressure regulator and one filter for every preexisting irrigation valve.

The drip line must meet all of these requirements:

It must have built-in emitters that are from 12 inches to 18 inches apart from each other; and

The emitters must be “pressure compensating”, meaning water does not drain out of the drip line when the irrigation valve is turned off; rather, the drip line stays charged with water; and

The emitters’ flow rates must be less than or equal to one (1) gallon per hour; and

The drip lines manufacturer’s recommended operating pressure must be between 15 PSI (pounds per square inch) to 30 PSI;

The area included in the L2G Smart Irrigation project may be less than or greater than the L2G RE-LANDSCAPED AREA. For example:

Drip project area could be smaller than L2G RE-LANDSCAPED AREA if converting only a portion of the new landscape to drip; or

Drip project area could be larger than L2G RE-LANDSCAPED AREA if it includes areas that would otherwise not qualify for the L2G program (such as planters).

SIP incentive payment will not be made under the following circumstances at the sole discretion of LBWD:

Excessive drip tubing; tubing that is irrigating a non-planted area

Plant to plant coverage installed on anything other than trees and large shrubs

Insufficient drip tubing which does not follow a particular pattern

Long Beach Water Department (LBWD)

  • Shall have the right to use the landscape and irrigation design of the Re-landscaped Area as well as before- and after-photos and videos of it, for the purpose of promoting drought tolerant landscapes and efficient irrigation systems.  This promotion could be in the form of videos, print, web, or other venues.
  • Shall have sole authority to resolve all disputes related to the L2G & SIP, approval of applications, approval of landscape and irrigation designs, and all other related matters relevant to the L2G & SIP.
  • Shall not be obligated to make, and will not make, L2G payments for that part of the approved square footage, when the size of the actual landscape installed is less than that approved and/or when some or all of the landscape actually installed differs, as determined by LBWD in its sole discretion, from the approved design.  In other words, LBWD shall only pay for the square footage of the landscape actually installed that is congruent with the approved design, up to the maximum amount of square feet approved in the application.
  • LBWD may be required by law to make certain information related to the rebate and incentive payments that it makes to its customers and contractors public, when requested to do so under the Freedom of Information Act. This information may include the name, address of applicants and the amount of the rebate or incentive received.

I, the undersigned, certify that I have read, understood, and now agree to the Terms and Conditions and Program Requirements for the Long Beach Water Department’s Smart Irrigation Program.

Name: _________________________________________________________________


Project Address: __________________________________________________________


Water Account number: ___________________________________________________


Signature: _______________________________________________________________


Date: ___________________________________________________________________


This page must be returned prior to the Lawn to Garden design submittal in order to be eligible for the program.  Submittal may be done by:

Fax: (562) 570-2306


Mail: Attn: Lawn to Garden, 1800 E Wardlow Rd, Long Beach, CA 90807