Smart Purchasing

You may find that you will save money by purchasing the drip system components individually instead of as a kit.  The great part about the approved product list is that it contains individual drip irrigation components. Purchasing complete drip irrigation kits can often leave you with extra parts that will not be utilized in the retrofit project. If designed properly, drip irrigation applicants can buy the exact amount of materials needed without having to worry about wasted parts or money.

DIY Installation

Irrigation in general is often viewed as a more technical side of landscaping, but don’t let that stop you from considering a “Do It Yourself’ approach. A DIY installation is a common way to save time and money instead of hiring someone to do the work for you. A DIY project allows you to work on your own schedule – and when paired with the approved products list – allows to work within your own budget as well. The Long Beach Water Department has provided many resources for those applicants who are motivated to install the drip irrigation system themselves. With a little bit of prior research and careful planning, you will be well-equipped to install your drip irrigation system. Refer to the “How to Video” and the additional outside resources provided on the Lawn-to-Garden website to assist with the retrofit project.

Free City Pickup

The City of Long Beach offers a special trash pickup service for oversized and special handling items. Residents are permitted two free special pickups per year and are advised to utilize this resource to properly dispose of grass or an old sprinkler system. Visit the Environmental Services Bureau website to schedule a trash pickup time.

Approved Layouts

The approved layout designs have been provided to our drip irrigation participants as an example of the accepted best practices for drip irrigation installations. Following these designs can also ensure cost savings from having a plan in mind and only buying the needed amount of materials.

Free Mulch Program

The City of Long Beach has an outstanding program that provides free mulch to residents. Many of the trees that are serviced throughout Long Beach are cut and recycled into usable mulch. Mulch provides a number of benefits to both a garden and a drip irrigation system, so participants are encouraged to take advantage of the free city service. Listed below are a few ways that mulch can benefit an irrigation system:

  1. The drip tubing is stabilized once it is covered with mulch.
  2. A mulch cover protects the drip tubing from animals and other potential threats.
  3. The moisture within the soil is retained for a much longer period of time from a mulch top cover.

The drip irrigation inspection conducted by the Long Beach Water Department must take place before mulch is placed throughout the garden.

Visit the Sustainable Long Beach webpage (https://www.longbeach.gov/sustainability/programs/mulch-delivery/) for a free mulch delivery request form and hours of operation.

Outside Resources

We invite you to review the following list of resources which may help you with your drip irrigation project. These outside resources can be used to become familiar with drip irrigation and its uses; how to install drip irrigation, and what it takes to maintain an irrigation system.   Inclusion on this list does not indicate an endorsement from LBWD.