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Thank you for your interest in the Long Beach Water Department’s Smart Irrigation Program!  We have started this program in conjunction with our award-winning Lawn to Garden program.  In addition to the $2.50 per square foot (1,500 square feet maximum) you can receive for a Lawn to Garden front lawn conversion; you may now receive an additional $0.50 per linear foot (1,500 linear feet maximum) of drip irrigation installed.

This program is run concurrent with Lawn to Garden and must be done following the Lawn to Garden timeline.

General Terms

Drip irrigation has proven to be an efficient watering method for many types of landscapes. It can be applied to a variety of garden designs and is also beneficial to nearly any plant. Drip irrigation is recommended over traditional spray irrigation as it prevents a loss of water due to wind, evaporation, or runoff. As opposed to constant overspray from pop-up sprinkler systems, drip irrigation targets the water directly on top of plant root zones, ensuring thorough irrigation.

In addition, applying mulch on top of a drip system provides a number of benefits to a landscape including drip line protection, a reduction in evaporation and weed growth, as well as added nutrients that plants require. The combination of drip irrigation and mulch eliminate water being wasted outside of the landscaped area and is capable of saving on average 70% of the water used to irrigate a typical yard.

In order to participate in our SIP program you must:

  1. Be a new Lawn to Garden participant (past L2G participants and projects currently in the program are not eligible)
  2. Be converting your front yard and/or parkway irrigation system from a traditional spray irrigation to a drip irrigation system (all other irrigation conversions are ineligible)
  3. SIGN and RETURN the enclosed SIP Terms and Conditions PRIOR TO the submittal of your L2G design
  4. Indicate on your L2G design the location of the required drip irrigation pressure regulator, filter, and preexisting irrigation valve
  5. Include with your design a copy of the drip irrigation template (templates enclosed) which most closely matches the drip irrigation system you intend to install
  6. Construct your irrigation project using only the items from the approved product list (enclosed)
  7. Ask for and receive an irrigation inspection prior to final completion of your L2G project
  8. Submit copies of your receipts for all irrigation system components

Failure to comply with these requirements and/or the L2G requirements will disqualify you from the SIP program.  Questions? Contact LBWD at or 562-570-2308 or 562-570-2313.

Check List

  1. Receive and review the items in the packet mailed with your L2G application letter.
  2. Read and Understand the Terms and Conditions, Program Checklist, and Required Materials pages.
  3. Sign and return the Terms and Conditions.
  4. Attend a Landscape design class either in person at LBWD or online. If you prefer to take the online class, click on Apply for L2G and then the Online Class tab at  To take a class in person, register at  If participating in SIP, we recommend taking our new Drip Irrigation class held at LBWD.
  5. After determining the drip irrigation method that will be utilized in the garden area, submit with your L2G design the drip irrigation design template that most closely matches your project. Include on your L2G design the location of the preexisting irrigation valves and the install locations of the drip irrigation pressure regulator and filter. These three components should be located together near the house.
  6. Receive Lawn to Garden design approval and SIP design template approval from LBWD.
  7. Wait for the pre-inspection conducted by the Long Beach Water Department to be completed.
  8. Receive construction approval in the Lawn to Garden Program and start your project!
  9. Kill your Lawn.
  10. Remove and dispose of dead grass material and all other removed landscape materials.
  11. Install the new drip irrigation system following the pre-approved layout design.
  12. Install plant material into the garden area. Do not install mulch, hardscape, or other ground covers at this time unless it is for walkways or sitting areas which will not be irrigated.
  13. Notify LBWD that you are ready for your mandatory irrigation inspection. Email LBWD at  Attach copies of itemized receipts for all of the irrigation components purchased for the program.
  14. Once the irrigation inspection has been completed, finish the Lawn to Garden Project by adding in ground cover, mulch, or hardscape.
  15. Notify LBWD that your Lawn to Garden Project is complete and ready for final inspection. Email LBWD at
  16. Sign and return the W-9 form.
  17. Get a final inspection of your new garden by the LBWD.
  18. Receive the incentive payment as one check for both rebate programs.