L2G Program Free Designs With Plant Lists

Because our customers told us it would be very helpful to have FREE landscape designs, a top Long Beach landscape designer created these six designs for your use; these designs are based on beautiful examples of landscapes in Long Beach that thrive in our semi-arid climate.


These designs were made in such a way as to give you a lot of flexibility in terms of actual plants and hardscape selected, allowing you to customize the designs to make them even more perfect for your home. For example, if the plan calls for one type of sage, you can substitute just about any of the many species of sage that are available; or if the plan calls for a flagstone walkway but your porch is made of brick, simply substitute the latter for the walkway materials. Feel free to print them “as is” and submit them for your own garden.

Let’s Get started

Click on any of the thumbnail pictures below to view the landscapes and to get information about them including a printer-friendly design.