L2G Landscape Design Consultation Program

To help you, our valued Lawn to Garden customer, begin the process of designing a beautiful landscape for your home, a landscape that will thrive in our region’s semi-arid climate, Long Beach Water Department (LBWD) has created the “Landscape Design Consultation” program

For a nominal fee of just $50, a landscape designer will come to your home for a two-hour consultation. To participate in this program you must have already submitted your application for the Lawn to Garden program and you must have completed the online class found here.

The designer will not draw a design plan for you, but he or she will help you explore ideas and recommend plants and other features that may work in particular areas of your garden. We suggest you complete included worksheet, have a list of questions ready, and a basic drawing of your front yard so that you can make notes during the consultation.

To participate in our Landscape Design Consultation program, complete and sign this “Landscape Design Consultation Agreement” and mail it with your $50.00 check (made payable to “Long Beach Water Department”) to:

Water Conservation c/o Long Beach Water Department
1800 E. Wardlow Road
Long Beach, CA 90807

Once we receive your payment and verify that you have already applied for the L2G program and completed the online training class, you will be contacted by a designer to schedule a meeting. For more information call (562) 570-2313.