How To Divert a Downspout

Diverting downspouts from roads, walkways, driveways and the sewer system, allows roof water to flow into gardens. The diverted water organically filters into the ground through the soil and plants, reducing the contamination of the environment from pollutants and runoff.

Follow these steps to diverge your downspout:

Step 1: Using a hacksaw, cut your existing downspout about 9 inches above the sewer standpipe.

Step 2: Place a cap over the sewer standpipe.

Step 3: Install an elbow fixture to the downspout using screws. If necessary use pliers to crimp the downspout to tightly fit in elbow fixture.

Step 4: Attach the elbow fixture to the appropriate length of extension pipe to lead to your desired destination. This destination should be at least five feet from your home. Install a splash block to help keep water flowing away from the house.

Step 5: Place a small gravel bed at the end of the splash block to further diffuse water and allow more time for it to permeate into your garden, bioswale, dry creek or rain garden.

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