Water efficiency is the Long Beach way of life! We have created this website to help you transform your water-thirsty lawn into a drought-resistant, beautiful garden. When you participate in the Lawn-to-Garden program, you are making an investment in your home and in the Long Beach community at large. The new L2G program was created with the goal of making the landscapes of Long Beach sustainable and water efficient, while also providing multiple benefits for the environment such as capturing storm water, reducing runoff and developing habitat for birds and butterflies. All L2G projects are now eligible to receive an incentive of $3.00 per square foot of lawn removed in the front yard and/or $3.00 per square foot in the backyard, for a total of up to 5,000 square feet. A design reimbursement of up to $1,500 for the cost of a professional landscape design is also available. All new L2G projects must include:

      • The use of low-water using California Native plants and/or California-friendly plants
      • 65% plant coverage in the re-landscaped area
      • A storm water retention feature
      • Habitat development
      • An efficient irrigation system
      • The use of mulch and other natural materials

Please note, synthetic turf is not an approved conversion option for this program.



Incentives Available for Front and Backyards!

For replacing your water-guzzling grass lawn with a beautiful drought tolerant landscape.

Your neighbors told us these are the most important benefits of these water-efficient landscapes:

Save Water!

Our imported water supplies have been permanently reduced; we must use our remaining supplies more efficiently.

Save on the Water Bill!

About half the water used is for landscape irrigation; beautiful L2G landscapes can reduce water use per square foot by 70% or more.

Save Energy!

Water-related energy use in California consumes about 20% of the state’s electricity.

Save The Environment!

Outdoor landscaping is the single largest use of water in the typical California home. Reducing or eliminating grass conserves water.

This Website Has One Goal:

To help you successfully create your own beautiful L2G landscape aligned with our new, environmentally beneficial design requirements. Many of the offerings, tips and strategies you’ll find on this site come from the experience of over 3,000 homeowners that have successfully replaced grass lawns with beautiful L2G landscapes.

To learn how you can receive an incentive for replacing your lawn, click on "APPLY TO L2G"

Energy Star Landscapes

About 20% of all the energy consumed in California is used for pumping, treating, transporting and heating water. L2G gardens save a lot of water and therefore save a lot of energy used in water transport.  They also have a cooling effect on your home decreasing your need for AC. Maybe we should refer to these water-efficient gardens as “Energy Star Landscapes!”

Other important Benefits!

      • Increase personal and city-wide water conservation and drought resilience
      • Beautify homes, neighborhoods and Long Beach City
      • Reduce time and money needed to maintain grass lawns
      • Capture storm water and decrease urban runoff into the Long Beach coastal marine habitat
      • Create habitat for wildlife such as hummingbirds and butterflies