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Lawn-to-Garden Incentive (L2G) Program Project Checklist

  • Submit an online application to the Long Beach Water Department.
  • Receive initial approval of your application from Long Beach Water Department.
  • Attend a Landscape design class; click here to register for classes at LBWD.  If you prefer to take the online class, just click here.
  • Submit your proposal landscape plan to LBWD, using the Design Requirements as your guide. Also see our Free Design With Plant Lists  and Helpful Tip sections.
  • Receive final approval on your drawing from the LBWD.
  • Start your project.
  • Kill your lawn. Make sure it is dead, dead, dead.
  • Remove and dispose of dead grass material and all other removed landscape materials.
  • Upgrade your irrigation system as needed. Install drip, bubblers, or MP rotators. Include installation of a storm water capture system if possible.
  • Install any approved hardscape, such as permeable walkways or sitting areas.
  • Install your new plants.
  • Add mulch to your new garden.
  • Notify LBWD that your project is complete by emailing the LBWD at
  • Sign and return your W9.
  • Get final inspection of your new garden by the Long Beach Water Department.
  • Receive your incentive!