Project Checklist

  1. Read and Understand the Terms and Conditions, Process Guidelines and Design Requirements.
  2. Submit an online application to the Long Beach Water Department.
  3. Although the maximum square footage within the Lawn to Garden Program is 1,500 square feet, any landscaping project that is to exceed 2,500 square feet throughout the entire property must obtain a permit issued by the Development Services Department. Any project smaller than 2,500 square feet does not require a supplemental permit. For more information on the City’s new re-landscaping regulations, call (562) 570-6194 or visit
  4. Receive initial approval of your application from Long Beach Water Department.
  5. Attend a Landscape design class; click here to register for classes at LBWD. If you prefer to take the online class, just click here.
  6. Submit your proposal landscape plan to LBWD, using the Design Requirements as your guide. Also see our Free Design With Plant Lists  and Helpful Tips sections.
  7. Receive final approval on your drawing from the LBWD.
  8. Start your project and kill your lawn. Make sure it is dead, dead, dead.
  9. Remove and dispose of dead grass material and all other removed landscape materials.
  10. Upgrade your irrigation system as needed. Install drip, bubblers, or MP rotators.  Include installation of a storm water capture system if possible.
  11. Install any approved hardscape, such as permeable walkways or sitting areas.
  12. Install your new plants and add mulch to your new garden.
  13. Notify LBWD that your project is complete by emailing the LBWD at
  14. Sign and return your W9.
  15. Get final inspection of your new garden by the Long Beach Water Department.
  16. Receive your incentive!